An Invitation from the #1 Bestselling Author of The Marriage Map  - Join us for this transformational class
 Dr. Michael Grossman presents...
 AWAKENING LOVE Meditation Secrets 
Awakening Love, Meditation Secrets 
is a 5-week LIVE virtual training course 
(held online via Zoom), 
where you will learn how to meditate 
easily, effortlessly and deeply.
BONUS​ You’ll also get 3 guided meditations 
delivered as a digital MP3 download, or 
listen from the private membership area.
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 I believe anyone can learn to meditate easily, effortlessly and deeply...
...meditation is a skill that enhances our health, physical & emotional well-being and our relationships...
With this course, you’ll discover how to:
  •  Learn the secrets to deeper focus and relaxation.
  •  Reduce stress and tap into blocked love that is stored within you.
  •  Feel centered, peaceful and activate more presence and productivity.
  •  Find yourself calm and less stressed.
  •  Feel the love unfold from your full heart.

Healthy relationships are an important part of wellness. It is dramatically clear from research that taking care of your health means taking care of your emotional and physical well-being as well as taking care of your relationships.

Invest in the most important aspect of your life today!

Michael Grossman MD & Barbara Grossman PhD will host an informative evening to describe the inevitable stages of love over a lifetime and the skills you need to navigate through these changes.

For over 25 years they have taught thousands of couples practical skills to create a fulfilling romantic partnership. They have TV appearances on CBS, NBC, Fox, and CW. 
Dr. Michael is an expert in bioidentical hormone replacement and staying youthful. He is the author of The Vitality Connection: 10 Practical Ways to Optimize Health and Reverse the Aging Process. He believes staying youthful involves bioidentical hormone replacement, regular exercise, good nutrition and healthy romantic relationships.
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